Training changes nothing. Training APPLIED changes everything.

We train thousands of people each year. And while they report the event as transformative, as with any training there needs to be a bridge to application – when these individuals find themselves back in the real world, building their next presentation or sales pitch.

As everyone knows, the big problem with most traditional training is that learning quickly decays, and nothing really changes.

But not so with Oratium. Our entire model is built around APPLICATION.

We believe that if our clients can’t apply our teaching, we’ve failed.

Non-profit exec building a donor presentation using the Message Architect app.

This is where the Message Architect app comes in. A completely unique, one-of-its kind piece of software, the app takes you through the Oratium message design process one step at a time, with numerous helps, tips and support videos to help you architect extraordinary presentations.

When you’re done, the app will generate a one-page “Architectural Blueprint” of your presentation. The blueprint serves as your guide as you complete the final scripting, visuals and handout materials for your presentation – and as a convenient way to summarize and share your work with colleagues.

The Message Architect is only available to Oratium workshop attendees. And the best news? The purchase price of the app is waived. A modest monthly “hosting” fee allows you to store an unlimited number of your presentations safely and securely in the cloud.



Because we got such value out of the Oratium workshop, I wanted to make sure that what we’d learned would carry over into our business. The Message Architect has been the key to ensure that the concepts from the workshop are translated into day-to-day application.

The repeatable, step-by-step nature of the App has made it easy to apply their model, and we use it for most oral and written presentations.
Andy LynchCEONorthstar Marketing