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There’s a problem with your message

A key skill of any successful leader – and especially any salesperson – is the ability to influence others through crisp, compelling communication. However, most people do not communicate as well they would like. You’ve sat through enough bad presentations to know that. And you’ve done it yourself – allowing a key leadership opportunity to slip through your fingers because of communication that just wasn’t as good as it needed it to be.

There’s a way out

The key is understanding that the human brain is wired to consume information in a certain way… when you align your communication with that, incredible things are possible. But when you don’t align with the brain, you will continue to fall short. Oratium has developed communication tools and processes based on a scientific understanding of how the brain processes information – allowing anyone to structure powerful, compelling communication that will lead their audience or customer to action.

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Fix Your Executive Communications

To effectively lead and influence others, you've got to be a great communicator. Most aren't.


Fix Your Sales Messaging

You've built world-class solutions... but your messaging of those solutions, just isn't what you need it to be. We can fix that.


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Extraordinary communications training in a flexible, self-paced e-learning environment. Online learning that works with your schedule.


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Oratium’s 1-day public workshops in Advanced Communication Skills combine a deep understanding and application of the latest research in cognitive neuroscience with unmatched depth of experience in message design. The result is a transformative learning experience.

Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

St. Louis, MO | June 12, 2018

Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

Washington, DC | August 21, 2018

Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

San Francisco, CA | October 11, 2018

Advanced Communication Skills Workshop

New York, NY | December 4, 2018

The Oratium Approach: Why We Are Actually Different

The truth is that most of what has been taught in communication has been wrong. But recent developments in neuroscience have opened up entirely new approaches to crafting communication for the brain.

Oratium has taken this new research and applied it specifically to how the brain works in communication, developing tools and processes to help people develop extraordinary messaging – in everything from sales messaging to TED talks. And it’s all available to be as accessible as possible… whether that’s our book, our public classes, live training or e-learning.

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Being Great, But Doing Good What We Do With Our Profits

Food for the HungryWe want to excel at everything we do, but we also want to leave the world a better place than we found it. And so we’re delighted to have entered into a 10-year partnership with Food for the Hungry to aid the poverty-stricken neighborhoods of Belen, Peru. When you work with Oratium, you can know that you’re partnering with an organization that’s committed to being great and doing good with you.

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