Executive Communication Skills

Communication skills are key to executive effectiveness. Despite this, most executives present poorly, failing in their mission to engage, inspire and motivate those they are seeking to influence.

Oratium is genuinely different, and completely transformative. Based on deep principles of communications effectiveness, our integrated model of presentation architecture and delivery allows any executive to consistently craft messages of extraordinary power and impact.

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Fix Your Sales Messaging

Most sales messaging doesn’t work. Addicted to ourselves, we tell a story the customer doesn’t relate to (our history, our solution, etc.), and we wonder why they don’t engage. We offer you something radical—a structured and scientific methodology that builds deeply engaging sales messages.

Create a message that is customer-centric, anchored in THEIR problem, insight-driven and focused only on what the customer NEEDS to know.

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Coaching for the Critical Keynote

Preparing a major presentation is an extraordinary challenge: the stakes are always high, and realistically there are only two outcomes: a small minority of keynotes engage, inspire, stick in the mind and lead to action – but the sad majority are already fading even before the lights come up. You want to be in that “memorable minority”.

But building an exceptional presentation is a difficult and unfamiliar task. And as elsewhere in business, the more specialized the task, the wiser it is to get specialized help.

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Inspiring Donor Messaging

When communicating with donors and foundations, the message is everything, because in many ways the story IS the product. How discouraging then, that most donor messaging fails to engage in a profound way.

Learn how to craft a donor-centric story that creates a deep level of engagement and inspires them to underwrite the next great chapter in your evolving story.

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Transform the Effectiveness of Your Internal Training programs

It is a sad fact that the vast majority of training curricula today have almost no chance of creating meaningful change in behavior. Critical messages don’t get through, and as a result, critical behavior change never takes place. The answer is the “insight-driven” training curriculum. Designed to maximize engagement and ignite change, the results you desire from training are finally within reach.

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