illustration_presenterCoaching For the Critical Keynote

Oratium is regularly contacted by individuals preparing for a critical presentation, or organizations developing a major conference or sales kick off.

It’s clear that success in such settings hinges on designing a deeply compelling message that will lead to action. But experience sadly shows that for most major presentations, conferences or kick offs, this rarely happens.

Because they lack clear guidance and an effective message design process, most presenters simply default to their own (bad) natural instincts and ingrained habits. The result is a presentation that leaves the audience overwhelmed by an avalanche of material, confused by random sequence, disengaged from uninteresting content – and unwilling to take action.

All this raises one question: how do I architect sparkling, memorable content? And even when you’ve answered this question, how can you most effectively deliver that content in the moment?

The Process in Action

Oratium’s presentation design and delivery methodology is especially effective for coaching TEDx speakers.


A Refreshing Idea: A PROCESS

It’s so tempting to think an effective presentation is pure “art” – but it’s not. The path to compelling communication is a robust process that ensures you get your message exactly right.

At Oratium, an experienced coach will lead you through a 3-phase process of:

  1. Guided learning of the key principles of effective communication
  2. Hands-on supervision and support in designing the message(s) – developing the intellectual architecture of the message, and the most impactful visuals and scripting.
  3. Coaching and critique of final rehearsals to ensure maximum effectiveness on game day

The coaching process focuses on both the Design and Delivery of the message.

Design coaching helps you to focus on refining a small number of big ideas in your presentation, and ensures that those ideas are compelling by engaging different areas of the audience’s brain.

Delivery coaching is different from typical ‘presentation skills’ training, which tends to focus on the trivia of eye contact or body language. Instead, you’ll be coached on the much deeper and more significant issues of delivery, within the particular context of your own natural style.

The result? A compelling, memorable, audience-centric presentation that leads to the action you’re looking for – and a repeatable model for messaging that you can apply to all future communication.



One of the most challenging presentations I ever faced was a major address to our company announcing my upcoming retirement. Oratium gave me invaluable counsel – helping me to focus on which big ideas were most important, and working with me to land them properly and sequence them for the most effective and memorable story.

Though I initially lamented the removal of a number of the photographs I planned to use, in the end it was the right choice and even I didn’t miss them! Oratium’s coaching for this very important talk played a critical role in making it the success I hoped it would be.
John EsteyCEOS&C Electric

Improve Your Conference’s Speakers

Oratium Coaching isn’t just for individuals. Our process can be deployed to coach a group of speakers (e.g. Sales conference keynote speakers or workshop leaders) to ensure that everyone at your event communicates at a consistently high level.