In The Compelling Communicator, you will learn a proven process for designing presentations that touch your audience in a highly impactful way by:

  • Building around a small number of big ideas that will lead to action
  • Keeping content within the audience’s “brain bandwidth”
  • Developing logical narrative structure
  • Anchoring communication in the listener’s priorities
  • Creating “mind-sticky” storytelling and visuals
  • Crafting handouts that allow your presentation to live on after the handshakes

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Whether your interest is executive communication or sales communication, this is by far the most important book on messaging design in years.
Chris CurtisCEO, Wencor Group; Chairman, Munters AB; CEO, Schneider Electric NA
We’ve used the approach outlined in this book to change the way our executives make presentations. It has made a huge difference in our success rate with both internal and external customers. It’s is actually a fun read, and the concepts aren’t hard to implement, but you have be committed to changing the focus of your presentations to what the audience needs to know.
Sue GrahamCEOElantas
What I most like about this book is its solid basis in cognitive neuroscience, and in particular its focus on how the (audience’s) brain really deals with big ideas. This means that the presenter must operate at the level of ideas rather than simply bombarding the listener with data. This was liberating and I’m already seeing the difference it makes.
Chris DimockCompany LeaderElation
Full disclosure: we used this communications model to move all our solutions messaging away from dense PowerPoints and towards true ‘insight messaging’ — with transformative results. This book clearly explains that journey, and the models and tools presented here will make any executive or sales communication radically better; whether a formal presentation, speech or meeting with the boss.
Michael EdmondsPresident - US BusinessS&C Electric
I learned more from this book than from my Communications degree. It explains so many things I’d always suspected about the problems of traditional communication.
Susan S.Instructional DesignerFortune 50 Company
This stuff really works. Even though it’s rooted in brain science, the process is so practical and easy to apply that you can literally start using the principles the next day. You’ll quickly find that your presentations are dramatically better — more impactful, more memorable, and most importantly, more effective.
Drew PaceExecutive VP and Head of Global Sales and Marketing (retired)Mellon Financial
We saw great results out in the market when we used this approach to redesign some really complex commercial messaging. The value of this book is its ability to get you to simple, crisp, clean, compelling messaging that really resonates with your customer’s day-in-the-life experience.
Dave MoellerDirector, Customer MarketsGraybar Electric
We used this methodology to build several complex research presentations, and the outcome has been outstanding. By applying brain science to business presentations, the author has finally explained WHY “death by PowerPoint” is so serious, and how to fix it. This book is great reading for anyone who wants to be a better communicator.
Suzanne DuncanSVP, Global Head of ResearchState Street Corporation